Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy New Year Witch's

My all time favorite Holiday  I love the leaves changing, the smell of autumn leaves, even the cool crisp air is refreshing and invigorating to me.  For me this is the time of year that I try to get rid of all the access baggage that has been plaguing me, any hard feelings or negative thoughts are burned in a fire.  For me in recovery it helps to know that as a witch Im doing the right thing by fixing me and  not "them"  

Merry Meet, and I welcome you, it's been a while since I've posted anything I've been super busy, and will be even more so the next few months, (quickly, I work with an organisation that allows me to give back when I needed, it's my way of paying forward ie, The Salvation Army)  so with that said, the holidays for me started about two months ago, with the school year beginning.

I think Im going to start doing things a bit different and start sharing what I've learned this past year, in recovery and as a witch.  First I'll start with I feel so overwhelmed with joy and I feel extremely  blessed.  The job that I do is almost becoming more real then volunteer, I've made friends that have become family, and helped others in ways that I never thought I would be able to.  I am grateful for the opportunities  provided to me. 

This past year has brought my kids back, nothing at all to do with being a witch, but everything to do with my lifestyle and the choice's I make today. For that I am also extremely happy, and grateful.  

This being a new year for witch's my new year starts with my having to leave an important circle of witch's, I lovingly referred to as my circle group.  The reason being is I was attacked by a council member and it was suggested to me that I should calm down and take a drink,, hmm,, well not only is this not the kind of environment I want to worship in, but is certainly not the kind of person I want to spend time with.  I've been sober now two years and 10 weeks :D  Yes I am proud, but I can not take credit, the credit goes to the Goddess. With all that being said I've had to rethink my belief's in good and bad witch's, I've had to make choice's that not only where hard but painful and I've done what I feel is right for me.  Maybe not what is right for others but for me.  To feel protected and in control again of my self. My recovery, and my religion. 

Good and bad witch's okay really my opinion only, we are all good and bad.  Laughing I say this  because it is truth, not only do I believe myself to be a very good person, who has made some real bad decisions (in the past) but lets face it people we all think evil or bad things, and also in my opinion that what we think has a way of manifesting whether we do spell work or not.  Does this make us "bad"  and define bad.  I always like to say that I have character defects and I know how to use them,, lol  Who doesn't, and are all defects a bad thing.  ie Im overzealous, and happy to share, that my friends is not a defect, but to some it's annoying.   I am easy to get along with and happy to please and please others, really not a defect. again just annoying at times, I am excitable !!  Wow really is that a defect. What is a defect is saying things in anger that I dont mean, and something that I am working on.  Good then I am not perfect.  I have been told that I need to learn to keep my mouth shut when I get excited about a cause or event,,, Hmmm,, not a good thing to say to me, my selfish side thinks, then I think that if Im angry or hurt by there words then that is more my fault then their's so fix me not them.  Which brings me back to Samhain, gratitude and fires,, lots and lots of fires... lol  the easiest spell I've ever done is with my mad fires, it's safe, self reflective, full of energy, and it harms none., plus it gives Karma (my friend) time to do things her way.  Usually I dont even cast a circle with this, simply saying the words, and doing the burning works for me "burn this anger and negativity away from me,  with karma power of three times three return it to who sent it to thee, if by my own hand release it now and return to me to a positive frame of mind, with loving thoughts now allow. In no way will this spell reverse or place upon me any curse. So mote it be"   I usually have a rather large fire a few times a week general maintenance, and with each issue I have I add kindling to the fire repeating this spell.  Simple candles would work also choosing a color you feel comfortable with.

I like to think I've learned a lot this year, but I think no, I have a lot left to learn. What I do know for sure is that this upcoming year will be one of growth both spiritually physically and mentally. I also hope that it will mean the return of my license, I need to be able to drive.   My recovery and my religion comes first, and with all the knowledge and strength at our fingertips my hope is that our good remains good, and our bad is loving,, * Kandy cackles, love and light always friends. and Blessed be <3