Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awen is inspiration, beyond inspiring !

Okay so it's week to of the Pagan Blog Project  and Im not as nervous as the first one for sure, and actually might do more then just this project,, spread my Wiccan wings so to say.  

Our letter again is A and I was wracking my brain trying to decide what to write about,, I received our news letter, and one word stuck out for me,, "I love it when that happens" it was the word Awen. So I said to myself, I dont have a clue what that is, but since that's the case,, go find out. Now for those who dont know Im rather new again, I say that because of a brief fall from my proverbial broomstick.  So anything that I've been learning is like learning all over again and in some case's better, this being one of them. 

Awen first of all is not really a word you can describe, it's inspiration, it's a feeling of oneness, and the freedom to accept your own nature. Awen has many factors and lore's with it, I love lore, but traditionally comes from Druids who are Celtic history keepers, priest, judges, and or healers at times. Druids are mostly male but it's my understanding that that to is changing. (not sure about that )

Awen is considered to be the spirit  of  nature, inspiration, and creativity, but because it's three as with many of our symbols it can have many varieties of meaning for each individual some may say Mother Maiden and Crone, others Air, Fire, Water, Or Mind, Body Spirit,, but which ever you use I know that would require more research then this little witch as done, and for sure larger then what I have just posted. Because to me it's beauty, in nature, and health well being for all,, and love of what we can do, the inspiration provided us is the magic.  I found this to be one the best studies,, and something I will look into more,, Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed,, Blessed Be with love Lady Kane 

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