Friday, January 20, 2012

Bright Blessings Brought to you by Briget )0(

Merry Meet my friends,, sorry for the tardiness of my blog for the pagan blog project,, I have had a death in the family and there have been some pretty tough days,, I thank  Goddess that because of my trust and faith, he is in a better place.

Week three,, and late, sorry, did not have the energy to do anything more strenuousness then arranging for flight tickets,, lol So her goes with some enthusiasm,, as I chose a particular Goddess that I am quite fond of .  She goes by many names as a lot of our beloved Goddess and Gods do,, and her story is one of my favorite,, 
Bright which means "High One" also known as Brighad Bride, Scottish
Brid, Bright, Briget, Brigtania, English
Brigan, Brigandio, Gaul
Bri,ghid  Lady of the Green Mantle
Lady of the Shores.
It is said that when she was born at Sunrise a bright flame reached from the heavens to earth. 

She is said to be the Goddess of  healers, poets, smiths, childbirth, and inspiration. It is said that she is present at every birth. Goddess of fire and hearth. Patron of warfare..

With so many legends about her there are several that I favor,, one is that there are three sisters,, which is why so many varies in names.  One sister for inspiration and poetry, who invented the Ogham alphabet, one in charge of birthing and midwifery, and the other in charge of smithies, hearth fires, and other crafts.

Imbolc the spring festival is in honor of her, for the birthing of sheep referred to as "ewe's milk" and held on February 1st.  Im actually quite excited this year will be my first in celebrating with other pagans,, :)   Candles are made, in honor of her, as well as fires due to the long winters where family's had there fires to keep warm and in some case's in days of old the only source of light.  During this time family would use a rowan rod and place it in the hearth,, if there where a sign from her in a shape of  a goose, or swan print, the family was said to have many blessings,, 

I could write all day about this one,, she has so many other legends that are fascinating,, and have changed so much with the coming of Christianity.  It was said that she was present at Christ birth, as a midwife to the virgin Mary, and wad Druid's daughter that predicted the coming of Christianity.  said to be baptized by St. Patrick and then became a nun,, that tended to the flames of Kildror.  No men where ever aloud to come near the flames and even there food was brought to the sisters by women of nearby villages,,  For thousands of years the flame was kept a light intill a bishop became angered that it was a pagan custom and extinguished.  The story goes on to say that the Vatican II agreed that there was not enough sufficient "proof" of Brigit's sanctity and they decanonized her, gradually,, I had to look that work up,, it means to fire a St.. okay whatever,, lol   In 1993 the Sisters of Brigidine rekindled her flame at Kildare ,, and tradition holds that the same amount of nuns tend to being 19,, and on the 20th it is said that Bridget herself  tends to her own fires,, fascinating stuff.. 

I cant wait for the celebration,, as I said this will be my first with other pagans,, really looking forward to it,, hope you enjoyed,, and Blessed Be.. Lady Kane )0(


  1. Being a Kitchen Witch, I'm rather fond of her myself. )O(

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Priestess,, I appreciate that,, I do hope to one day be at least half of the light that you shine for others,, Blessed Be..)0(

  3. great blog xx Brid is a wonderful goddess to work with

    1. Thank you Suzi,, I agree,, she is very wonderful,, there are a lot of aspects to her, being the Goddess of home and hearth,, that do make her an easy Goddess to call on, Blessed Be with love and light Lady Kane

  4. So sorry to hear of your loss I hope you have a peaceful Imbolc BB

    1. It has been a stressful few weeks but with all 5 of the grief process's complete, I can now move on,, with fond memories,, of love and laughter (a little blonde boy, with skinned knee's, and a runny nose)Thank you, and Blessed Be Lady Kane