Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hades is not hell !

Merry Meet and welcome to another Pagan Blog Project we are on week 16 of the project, and I can hardly believe it.  Im still having fun, and learning with these through others blogs as well as my own, and Im pretty sure that, that is what Rowan intentions were.  Love and light to you Priestess Rowan, thank you so much for the learning experience. 

This week Im going to do one that I think is tricky, for me anyway it was.  First you have to know that I do come from a background of mostly Baptist Christian upbringing, my sister was the witch, my mom was also but I was not aware of it until later in life, but she insisted that we go to church every Sunday.  Im grateful now that she did, it gave me the experience, and knowledge to know God, and yes ladies and gentlemen Jesus too.  <3  Not this blog though lol  This one is on Hades, underworld, hell, and what I believe to be my truth. (mine may not be the same as some other pagan's) but through study and research it's the one that I feel comfortable with. 

So here goes,, First I have to say as most of us will Wiccan, witch, pagan, yada yada, what ever you want to call yourself.  I like Wiccan Witch myself,  I, we do not believe nor worship the devil.  So that's out.  Hell as in "you will go to hell"  If you do what ever evil deed it that you do,  I do not believe that either,  example from Christian background Ecclesiastes 9:5 says that the dead know nothing, or Mathew 13:42 where there is burning and gnashing of teeth. Confusing right there because if the dead know nothing...  Well ?  and,  if the decision is based on the 10 commandments,  emm,,, I dont think that to many people are going to make it to heaven. Really lol <3 Okay that's for the hell part, is there an underworld?  Yes I believe that there is however it's not the burning an gnashing of teeth.  I believe it's just another of many parallel universe's.    

Hades was just a God like any other Zeus's  brother.  He had other siblings, a job, and a home, his home was the underworld "to be hidden" in Greek mythology, he was not the devil, but choosen God of that domain.  He is not the angel of Death either.  He is called the enemy of all life, God's and men,I think he has some real mommy issues and big brother jealousy goin on.  Im taking it he does not play well with others he is pouty, greedy, and spoiled.  He  had to trick his wife, but I think she eventually fell in love. Btw, she's his niece.   He was given the underworld when Poseidon was given the ocean, and Zeus the sky's.  Taking an oath with or by Hades is believed to be a bond of life or death.  So I dont imagine him or "there/underworld" to be a pleasant place, nor a place of rest, but I do think, or feel that it would be a place to think of decisions that you made and maybe consequences. Some stories have it that the underworld is also a nice place lush with life, and that no snow falls there,  maybe that's where ice water in hell came from.   In mythology it's confusing also.  Persephone always returns to Hades as her oath?  Or from love we dont know, we do know that the Greeks/Romans believe that to be the reason for the seasons changing.  Balancing out the seasons, as her mother was Demeter, the goddess of harvest.  Talk about dysfunctional families,, Geez.

So where does this fit with Hell & Wiccan or Hades or where do we go blah blah blah.  First the only hell there is, is the one that some create, my opinion only.  There is no devil, there are demons, and possibly from them come the evil that people do, that I dont know for sure but evil is certainly a factor.  What I believe is that this life is a trail, that when we pass we go to Summerlands,  where we are refreshed  and if our lessons in life have not been learned we do life again change our cloths so to speak. 

Some may think life a trail and when you die you go to the waiting room like in Beetlejuice, find out what you did wrong, change your cloths and do it again,, only until you get it right do you go to the Summerlands.  I do know pagans well enough to know that I would never argue any point of view, in fact welcome it.  I also know that our lessons are to be of love, if you have loved enough, forgiven quickly, ect.  Im pretty sure my lessons are still to be learned, so I'll be back.  Why we say Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again,, till again friends thanks, and hope you enjoyed <3


  1. Wonderful, and now I want to go watch Hercules lol <3

  2. Once again...funny, cheeky, insightful and so you. <3 xoxoxo

  3. Oh gosh, Beetlejuice. I haven't seen that in years!