Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Imagination Intent and Integrity

Merry meet, and welcome to my blogger again.  Im late but have had personal, and family matters that have held me up, which is in fact where I got my idea from.  

Between family, then my own goals, (I volunteer as often as I can, and I've been needed a lot lately, I love it, so that's not a big problem, and in fact is becoming more of a permanent situation)  Family however, has been like most I suppose my family is about as dysfunctional as I am, and I love them dearly.  My best friend/sister in law is in the process of a real nasty divorce,  and has had a real difficult time with finance's , custody, everything that goes with that sort of stuff, not to mention teenagers, and ungrateful adult children, that where making it just about as hard for her as they could.
Which takes me to the subject.

My friend was asking for spells that involved winning situations in court case's.  I gave her basic instructions and reminded her that she needs to go with confidence.  I said that in my workings for her I would imagine her going into this battle and winning, coming out with what she deserves, and then some.  We have, (the family) real bad feelings towards her soon to be ex, and I wanted to make sure that my intent was to not harm.  Integrity plays a big part for me and magic.  It's not my intention to "give him what he deserves" if that where case, I would have tried to shrink his head.  lol.  With integrity for what is right for all involved is how I worked the spell.  Imagination, seeing my friend happy, financially secure, and at peace finally.  Intent, to do no harm nor bend a will let Helen and George grow apart, remain friends.  Do to each other what ones would want done.  I wont go into the full workings of it, but you can see my intent was clearly for the right thing to come to pass. 

I firmly believe that any magic can be done with integrity, imagination, and intent alone. The candles, and wands, and stones, or charms to me are nice to have but if you believe enough in what your doing is the right thing, anything can be accomplished. If your integrity is honest,  your intent clearly for the good of all, and your imagination strong and confident, the rest is smoke and mirrors.  Blessed Be in all things )0(

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