Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jinx, 123 you owe me a coke.

Merry meet and welcome again to my blog for the Pagan Blog Project, we are on week 19. I thought about this a couple weeks before the letter j was due.  I thought that it would be fun and interesting to check and see how many people do believe in Jinx. 
I was surprised that so many do believe in jinx, me I think it's all just silly superstition.  One that I grew up with is that if you where with a few people and two of you said the same thing, at the same time, it was jinxed, you where to say "jinx, one two three you owe me a coke"  another was that if you stepped on a crack you broke your mothers back, and line and your dad's spine.  There are several myths in baseball, Im not a bit sports orientated so  I dont know, and it does not surprise me

Through out history there has been  historical "things" said to be jinxed, The Hope Diamond, any one who has owned it has suffered tragic deaths.  Marie Antoinette did not have a very happy ending. 

One thing I do know for sure is that mind is a very powerful tool, and if it's done correctly (I do not advice it) I am very sure you can jinx someone or somethings.  Jinx is to give someone a case of the "bad lucks"  or a curse on something like the hope diamond can cause bad things to happen.  I think there was a curse on a broom in Harry Potter, lol I never did follow those stories so I dont know about that one either. 

Recently I ran across a spell that I know would work, I commented on it by saying that I think I would have to add that I would want no curse returned, and to harm none.  It was calling upon Hecate to see that justice is done to someone that has hurt another.  As I said it would have worked, would I do it?  It would have to be under extreme circumstances, and very carefully worded.  I've had things come back to bite me magically and though it's never been something really bad, it was a price I paid.  I say careful for what you ask for, Stand back and let Karma do her job, do not get in the way of Goddess's work.  Merry magical workings, and blessed be. 

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  1. Interesting blog =) I remember that spell with didn't sit right with me...It's Karma's job in those matter not our, defence & changing the negativity in positive is what should be done. "Ever Mind the Rule of Three"
    =big squishy hugs=!