Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hawthorne & Beltane

 Hawthorn tree in our back yard
Merry meet, and welcome to another of my blogs for the Pagan Blog Project.  I am so excited about this one and am actually writing it underneath my Hawthorne tree.  *Kandy giggles*  and I have a fire burning near by.  :)

My Wand
My blog today will be on the Hawthorn tree, and it works for me because it's so close to Beltane.  When I did my research on magical trees for my wand crafting I found that Hawthorn had the proprieties I wanted in a wand.  It's strong with the Fae, very protective, is good for any kind of magic that draws things towards you, and is a fire tree,or rather an elemental fire, and that it does burn extremely hot, but I also found that the berries are good for anyone with high blood pressure, or weak hearts.  You can make tea with them,, which I now do. It's really good for energy to give you a little boost.   I thought they where just good tasting (a little sour) they sure quench your thirst on a hot day.  The berries dont ripen until August or so, but this month, for sure by May we will have blossoms! 

 Hawthorn flowers
Traditionally during Beltane the May pole will have Hawthorn flowers placed on top, and fair maidens will braid the flowers in there hair,  Representing purity, growth, and renewal.  The flowers first blooms are a symbol of the days being longer, and
ready for fertilization, berries will follow.  With the colors of the may pole being wound around the representing the cycle of life or spiral, renewal, and birth the pole it's self being a phallic symbol of the God and his readiness, and colors and the flowers on top of the pole being a symbol of the Goddess's purity and readiness for birth. Fire is an extremely passionate element, Hawthorn burns the hottest.  
Little fire I had going on :)

Beltane being a fire festival it is no wonder they would want the hottest burning wood.  With this holiday being so sexual in nature  it is probably one of the worst for us witch's in that the reputation being us "dancing naked"  and fornicating, giving us a bad rep.  sort of a shame really because if they took they took the time to study the Sabbat they maybe would understand that being naked & dancing for some of us is just an excellent way to raise energy.  *blushing yes I am speaking from experience on this one, and as for the fornicating, that is for the God & Goddess.  Mine is behind closed doors and in private. lol <3


  1. haha!!! I love this Kandy! :)))))))))) Love the pics and the fact that you have a hawthorne tree in your yard. Lucky! :)))) Great post! :)))))

  2. I really enjoyed this post, Kandy!