Saturday, February 18, 2012

Diana Myth Legend Goddess

Merry Meet & welcome to week 7 of the Pagan Blog Project this weeks letter is D.

I decided and Im sure that there where many who did also, to discuss Diana.  I am new again, to the Wiccan circle so I am still a little gray in some aspects.  Those area's where I am unfamiler with are the one's that I find to be the best to research. :) Just me getting comfortable again.

So who is Diana? She is a wonderful and much loved Goddess by many witch's. I would say the most called upon. Diana is the Goddess of the moon, hunt, animals, child birth, fertility, she would be called upon for protection in domestic situation's siding for the women. Please a word of advice, should you call on her make sure to follow all the steps required for presenting your self to a Goddess.  That would be a ritual bath, dress or undress, which ever you are comfortable with, and be well rested. Meditation is a good idea also. Be organized. 

Diana has many myths & Legends written about her. Myth, an origin of the world & it's people. Explains mysteries, sacred in nature or supernatural. Myths represent reality.  Legends are stories or collections of stories handed down from generation to generation, and are historical in nature.

So if you look up Diana you will here many wonderful myths and legends about her.  Depending on whether you like the Greek or Roman Goddess you will find Diana.  Who is also known as Artemis,  and or Luna.  The myth & one of my favorite is that she is the daughter of Zeus.  that would be Greek Artemis, same Goddess. Her stories are all similar in that she was unhappy with her father being a cheater, and vowed to never marry.  She has a twin brother Apollo, who is also one of her closest allies. Confident.  She travels with dogs, and woodland nymphs, she is the virgin Goddess, and carries a bow like her brother, a skilled hunter, defender of the week, or unprotected.  In Roman stories she is the daughter of Jupiter and Latona her twin is still Apollo. 

One of my favorite myths as I started earlier is where Artemis Diana Luna does fall in love and in a match between her beloved Orion, and her brother he falls.  In some pictures you will see her shooting at the stars that is the reason, for she shoots the stars for the love of Orion. So if you choose Diana as your Goddess you will find her to be compassionate in matters of love as well. 

Trust me when I say she has many great myths and legends, her stories can even be found in the bible, and she had her hand in the battles of Troy as well. She makes excellent material for bedtimes stories, and movies :) :) 


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