Friday, February 24, 2012

Deity a personal choice

Merry Meet, and welcome to week 8 of the Pagan blog project, thank you for allowing me to share what I have learned, and please feel free to comment, Im very much about the feedback good or bad.  I like to know if I've missed something, or if you have learned something. 

Deities, Wow pretty broad area, indeed.  There really are dozens upon dozens of them.  What I know for sure from experience is that when choosing your Deity you should choose wisely, do your research, find out everything about the Deity you choose that you can.  What are there gifts, or spouse's, do they have children.  Where do they live, and what is it that they like, if it's flowers, or fire, try to gift them with such things.  I also know that, well for me anyway, you would want to represent your self worthy of the God or Goddess your asking helping from, I always do a cleansing bath with sea salts, and lavender.  Do a good meditation first and by all means no matter what, call on them only when you can be completely uninterrupted.  That to me is just good manners. 

Whether you choose the same the Deity for all your magical work, or you pick and choose only the ones you need for a particular reason be educated, dont guess and be polite.  I suppose the same rules would apply as going to church.  I like to think about it as having highly respected family member visiting, and show them as much love and respect I would a beloved great grandmother. 

I know that for me anyway I get directed and  very assuredly, this sort of thing started to happen right about the same time as my sobriety date, no coincidence Im sure. I dont always feel the same presence but I have a Goddess with me at all times.  For the most part  I believe that Gaia is the Goddess that directs me.  I feel very strongly about earth, and her well being.  I enjoy spending time outdoors, and exploring all that she has to offer, and for me it's a very direct pull. I also am very protective and will voice my opinion about people taking advantage of her resources.  There are other times however that I feel others there just guiding me, so what ever your belief is on the Deities, be prepared.  I know that my life was changed by accepting the love, and opening my heart, mind and body for there use, it is my daily prayer that Gaia's love reflects in me, that she show's me daily the steps I need to take. Blessed Be with love and light as always. 

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  1. <3 Once again insightful and touches the heart. I can learn so much from one such as you. Thank you. :)