Friday, March 2, 2012

Elementary Elements & Energy

Merry Meet, and welcome again, I am enjoying the time I spend doing the Pagan blog project, and look forward each week to coming up with something that I hope to be a different prescriptive.  I also look forward to the feedback so please comment, if I have missed something, or shared something that in fact you learned from.

Week 9 already,, and we are at E,,, I thought eww,, but then I thought what did you learn first,, that must be my guides because the first thing that came to mind was elements. 

We all use  them, some of us differently, but they are all the same.  I love the elements of nature. Recently a sort of funny topic came up with a sister witch that turned into a great time, we where in the heart of a pretty major wind storm, and she had commented on her status that she loved the wind the power and force, the way it blows her hair around, the smell of the rain, or snow that will follow, being me, I added that it was almost sensual for me in that the way that it touches me, exciting and unpredictable, well it went on from there.. but in truth, all the elements have a great effect on me personally and Im sure to others as well

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, what they are and mean to me, is that of complete and true beauty.  Each of them in there own fascinating, and sometimes dangerous ways. I worship all of them, Yes Worship, them all. I cant even say that I have a favorite, because each of them are special to me for there own qualities, and if this where a topic for anything other then the PBP some would say "that chick is a freak"  

Earth, wow, Gaea, her beauty is for ever and everyday changing.  Her bounty the gifts she gives us from the food that we eat to the flowers in the fields, and along the mountains cliffs, she is in herself are a whole topic.  I love climbing trees, exploring paths that go seemingly no where, but end up in a beautiful forest thick with smells of her, almost musky scent.  If I could I would post the pictures I've taken, some of them less then a 5 minute walk from my back door, but that is the freak in me.  One of my favorite ways to spend time worshiping her is by walking barefoot on her.  I love the feel of her underneath me she is a great life force for me, and there is so much energy to be gained just by spending quiet time laying down on her, and watching the the clouds go by. Which takes us to... 

Air, air goes everywhere, and anywhere it wants to, or needs to.  Also a life force in it's self. Another whole topic. How we depend on air, really enough said thats just silly, we all breath, but have you ever (and if your spiritual being you have)  taken the time to really feel the air. His scent, on a hot day, where you think you can hardly breath because of the air being so thick, but it's also there, in layers and layers of wealth, and on a cold day when the crispness of him is almost visible, you can see it when you breath.   The wind and that force, is just so incredible and again so much energy.  On a windy day I love sitting outside and using the force of the wind to recharge my spiritual battery.  

Fire, without air would not be, science is not a good topic for me because I dont know it well, but I do know that with out air fire would suffocate. I know that with out fire we would also.  Why?  The sun has to shine, even on rainy days it's there, you dont see it, but it is there. Hmm,, the sun, another whole topic.  What does he do Apollo?  another topic,,  but with out the sun and his force again we would not live.  The air and his wind carry seeds through the air to Gaea, the sun helps to make them grow, for me as a California native, the sun is a thing of true beauty, really what would I have done with out it's force's before prom to make me look beautiful in the summer dress I chose. (wink wink)  Nothing is greater then sitting on the porch and feeling the suns heat upon my skin, this to me is just a warm loving feeling, even through a window in my kitchen. (the romance in me maybe)  Fire now that is energy, try sometime if your able to start a fire, be prepared, make sure your allowed and can handle it in case of  emergencies, and use common sense and caution.  I live in an area where burning is common, luckily in an area that for the most part they dont care what day it is as long as it's not Sunday.  So I can go out and burn.  This time of year is great because from the winter we have branch's to gather limbs that have fallen, ect and can burn.  His energy is also overwhelming and unpredictable.  The energy gained from watching a fire is so exciting, for me again spiritual, and yes I find it to be very romantic, and charges a sensual energy for me, but candles do the same.  So Im just a freak okay.. :P

Water,, again Wow!! I think water is just wonderful in all ways.  I swim, I love to swim in fact. Water skiing, and surfing used to be in the day my favorite sports,, (hate getting older)  but you could not get me out of the water, and at times it's still hard.  Again Im fortunate to live where we do, although Im not in Cali anymore,, I miss the salt water we do have lakes, and rivers.  The rivers here you have to be careful in I here that even if your a great swimmer there is no stopping a sink hole.. that does not stop me from getting in,, and swimming,, (drive's my sweetheart nuts, he does not swim, nor does he like water)  In Cali I used to love the way the oceans currents would take me out, and out and out,, then me and my board would go against the laws, and ride back in,, :) :) :)  talk about a rush!!  Here with the rivers and lakes it's not quiet the same,, but still pretty awesome,, I love the challenge. (the freak in me is showing, if you challenge me,, I will do it. lol. :P  More then that though standing in the rain, or even before it begins when you can smell it coming, gaining that energy is awesome, and also recharges batteries that could be in need of a major boost.  Something I love to do is and have since I was kid, which I also allowed my kids to do, on a summer day when it rains,, go play, puddle jump, it's goofy, and sometimes messy but do it anyway, for me it is freeing, and yeah it's almost like breaking a rule, which to me makes it even more exciting, because it's harmless. Water can cleanse the earth, and drown a fire. Between the qualities of his forces in lakes rivers or oceans, and that of just a hot bath, energy can be gained.

To close I will say that with each of these elements each of them there own topic, so much is to be gained from them,, they are all so special,, and you know what else Witch or not, no one can deny not one of them, there force's of nature, for witch's there energy. What some would call a horrible rain storm, I call fun,, lets dance.  Blessed Be everyone hope you enjoyed and please comment, if I forgot something, or you have something to share please do.. LK


  1. Your connection, your love, your sheer passion for the elements come through so forcefully in your writing. You can feel each of the elements as one reads. Wow. !!! <3

  2. Excellent blog - I love all the elements too - but there is something special to me about Air - the unseen force... love bunni x x x

    1. I know all to well that one,,like Jean said above,, I have a great passion for them all. Thank you Lesley, Blessed Be <3

  3. Excellent! I always love your point of view, it's so refreshing and honest (like water and air, which are my favorite elements)...
    Much love!

  4. What a great post!!! And I remember that thread on facebook! LOL :)))))) I do believe this might be my favorite post from you :)))) Big Hugs

    1. Wow Priestess thank you so much,, that was a fun night, caught playing,, lol :) :) Your compliment means a lot to me,, Thank you, and Blessed be with much love and light.