Friday, March 16, 2012

Fairy's are funny :)

Merry Meet & Welcome.  I can not remember what week this is for the Pagan Blog Project time is just zooming by.  

It's spring again, Yay!!! and this weeks letter is F,, I can think of at least one real colorful letter that I have been practicing to avoid. lol !! I have decided to tell a fairy story, instead, (true) of last spring, it is funny and also a well learned lesson.  (trying not to giggle)

The year of 2011 was one of a lot of changes for me, most of them good, but what stands out to me the most is that this was a spring I was not drunk.  I saw beauty in things again, things I had neglected, and always in the past enjoyed like gardening.

The winter previous had been rough, way to cold, still healing from not just the poison I put in my body, but also a few personal loss's.  I was looking forward to spring, and being back on my path I thought you know Im going to call upon the fairy's  to help with my garden this year, not just flowers, but my vegetables as well. and rumor has it that they love domestic animals and will protect them.  So I started early with very little research (first lesson) I began thanking the fae, chanting, lighting candles, and leaving little gifts for them.  Im grateful that my intentions where good.  

black and white image you could see it better
So the first signs of spring and Leslie (my husband) brings out the lawn mower,, me with the windows open, doing some baking, he comes in and says Kandy you have to stop and come see this,, so I followed him down to the lower yard, and there it was a fairy ring. Im thinking (very dangerous sometimes) that surly this is a sign, the fairy's are going to help me.  :)  So I did do a little research, very little, asked a couple questions from friends in the know, and went outside with my gifts, a couple little things the sparkle, a cupcake, and a ciggerette , they like tobacco, and sweets.  I also brought my Zen so I could sit outside and meditate with them, and ask them for specifically for the help. My needs where honest, and pure. "Help my gardens grow, and keep fleas and ticks away from my pets please, in return my friends foxglove a will plant for your home"  Simple enough right?  Well you know that year was the best for the dogs.  We took maybe one or two off them all year.  Cool Right??  lol sure it was however,, fairies are tricky, and you should be careful when working with them, make sure you research thoroughly!!!  The dogs where fine as I said and our flowers where beautiful, however Leslie and I could not go into the lower yard with out coming back up covered in fleas.. YES,, covered.   I have not attempted to work with fairy's since then, but now I do have another year, and more resource's to use if I do.  My advice, is always ask carefully, for what you wish, for it may just come true. <3


  1. How cool is that!!! I love that you found that in your yard! and lol at the fleas! I love working with the fae. Have been thankful to them for many little lost trinkets that have been found. My daughter and I have a garden just for them in our yard that we leave little trinkets and sweets for in all the time :)))))) Great post! Big Hugs

    1. No I have not, but will remember that as well,, and the garden for them is already started, it was started that year.. with foxglove, sage, rosemary, and yes thyme,,, lol Had to embrace the song. Thank you Priestess, for your comment. Blessed Be. <3

  2. Heehee what a wonderful story, thank you for sharing! <3