Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thankful today!

Wow I can not begin to explain how Thank Full I am today,, yesterday was a bit of a blur, for real.  I am thankful that I did not pick up though was tempted only in that I had made a mistake to begin with, by accident!

 I have to take med's now, several different reasons, the alcohol was only a self medication for deeper issues that I am conquering!  I suffer from night terrors, have depression, and also a few other minor disabilities, one of the big reasons why Im so active in the community,  but on to my story, Yesterday I had accidentally taken my night time meds instead of my day time.  Not really a big deal except, I slept for 5 hours during the day which is something I have not done since my initial recovery began, and when I woke it was pretty bad in that I was in bad shape.  I felt stoned.  Bad, very very bad for me anyway. An alcoholic can not do anything to jeopardize there recovery and even though it was done by accident, latter in the day (what I remember of it) I almost enjoyed it.  I know it's funny for some, and yeah,, it is.. really.  The important thing is that I did not go back to the mind set of an alcoholic and even though I do have a half of bottle of wine here, that has been here for over a year and half, I did not give into the temptations.  I did have fun though in a sick and twisted sort of  way, I probably said something stupid, or posted something that I would not normally post.  I know I thought my typo's where pretty, lol ... I did do the right thing,, I turned to a friend who has been there for me before in this,, (I love you Mark)  we talked for a bit,, he laughed at me, I laughed at me, and life goes on,, Yippeee!!! 

"remember that alcohol is incurable, progressive, and fatal"   "never become complacent in your recovery"  Quotes from the big book of AA 

This morning was rough, I felt hungover,, and could tell that I had missed dose's of medications. Now I am thankful again,, and fine, more thankful.  Oh,, and did I say thankful,, whew, close call.  Thanks for being there for me Mark especially, but all my friends, (Jean, thank you also, for laughing at me too)  I am grateful to have the people in my life that I do. Thank you White Hat, Rose Dove, and Ravensgrove. My sisters and brothers in faith helped me big, and some of you did not even know it, Blessed Be with love and light always with such a grateful heart! 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Kandy. ;) You fought the dragon and won once again. Don't forget though that it was the strength you already had inside that also played a massive part. Blessed Be my incredible friend as we are to know you. <3