Friday, March 9, 2012

Become Empowered !

Merry meet, and welcome, this is week 10 of the Pagan Blog Project, and I am still excited, and grateful, to be part of it.  
Last week when E began, I was at at standstill with idea's and eww, was what I was coming up with, I have to say Im thankful for the newsletters.  This week Im doing Empowerment, what it means to me, and what it can mean to anyone at any time. 

I wont go into gory details, as if you have been following me you know my history or at least some of it. My path has been one of "many sorrows"  :)  and yes that is a smile.  Let me tell you why.  In recovery they teach us so many things, and all of them are very useful in fact if your not in need of recovery I dare any "normal" person to do the 12 steps,, Okay just for fun define normal,,, lol !

I was in yet another institution, this one sort of was making sense to me if it had not been for them cramming "God" down my throat, another blog, but for now let me start with Structure.  What? really? how can structure have anything to do with empowerment, folks, let me tell you it has everything to do with empowerment, and being a witch!   When you are an alcoholic the last thing on your mind most days is taking a shower, being clean to face the day, or whatever comes of it. As a witch I have learned that my baths, taking care of my body, not just regular baths, but what I feed it, and even what I do daily to improve myself. Such as learning, I strive everyday to learn something new, that is exciting to me.   That alone is empowering, the feeling of "okay Im up and ready to face what ever may come to me."

This particular institution who's name I can not use, but if you ask me I will share,, and do recommend :)  taught us to get up at a specif time each day, clean our rooms, take our baths and come to prayer.  We had prayer at bedtime as well very structured.  The prayers taught me alot of my self, we used affirmations, and the power of positive thinking daily.  It was a joke at the "house" that if someone was in a bad mood,, are response would be "Where is your attitude of gratitude"  I also learned in recovery through doing amends, that saying your sorry for a wrong, and being grateful for what you have now, for there forgiveness, or lack of it , is a learning experience, and forgiving yourself!  Being kind to you can make a hugh difference in your life.  Like a glamour spell, take time to make and present yourself in a better light!

Structure is part of being a witch, again I will say for me. We have to be structured to some extent in knowing the phase's of the moon, the cycles of are Sabbets, are very important.  To me structure in my daily life is also very important.  I get up at a certain time, not always wanting to for sure, I do what I do (yes sometimes it takes awhile for the gratitude to kick in, coffee helps, a lot )  but I also do my meals at a certain time, plan for them, and same with a bed time, and let me tell you something about an alcoholic mind, we dont work like that, we do not have structure, and we do not have a bedtime.  As an adult I hated the term "bedtime"  it was like going back to childhood, but them the more I thought about it, the more I've grown accustomed to the idea, I am a monster with out sleep, and again magic ta-da!

Then it struck me they are using the same tools we use.  Maybe I should not say we, I mean me, as a witch.  A power!  Everyone has it.  You need to channel it.  Think positive, be grateful, and love always.  To me that is empowerment.   When I wake now, I do the same as I did at the house, I make my bed, take a bath, and do my devotions. Listen to music.   I feel empowered for the day, and ready for anything. My glamour, and trust me I dont do a lot, but a quick eyeliner and some foundation makes the world of difference.  Something as simple as being cheerful can change anther's mood, a smile, a kind word, and you would be surprised what a simple "Thank you" can do.  You know I've come to understand on my path that this simple tool is indeed a power.  If you feel better about your self and what you do your going to show it to others, as if your whole appearance changes,  others will respond in kind.  That is magic!  


  1. Really excellent! I always enjoy your posts and am in awe of your strength, courage and wisdom.

  2. You have such strength, enjoyed x

  3. Beaming :))))))))) You are amazing :))) Love the connection you made. Just a wonderful uplifting and empowering post to read :))) Love and Blessings and a Big Hug

  4. This is wonderful, just what I need to hear, Thank you, big squishy hugs! <3

  5. Once again my gorgeous friend you have put yourself into your writing and the heart that shines within you is evident. I have just started on the path and you inspire me with these as you empowered me with the patience and strength of your friendship to have the courage to take the first faltering steps. <3