Friday, March 30, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Merry Meet with love and light, and welcome to another blog for the Pagan Blog Project. This week we have G,, and I have to go with what I know for this one. 

It seems to me that a lot, if not all of what I learn in recovery also has so much to do with magic.  It's in fact magical.  As recovering alcoholic or addicts we learn gratitude right away.  It's that we are Grateful to be alive, to be clean and sober, to enjoy each new day with a positive attitude and for the first time we look forward to days where we can learn, and see things in a different and new light.   We learn to change our attitude of self seeking into one of of gratitude. Badabing Magic !

When we look around us as witch's we see, and feel the love and abundance of each new day.  We see and feel it in the trees, the wind, and rain.  We are grateful for what nature give's us.  I have been going through a bit of a dark spot in my life, and yes I will admit, I wanted to drink.  I look at what I've accomplished the last 18 months, what I have learned, and you know what, I am not willing to throw it away, not for a second did I loose site of the gratitude I feel for the people who have helped me on my path, nor for the love I have for all of nature.  That did not change the fact that the dark was there nor did it change the desire to want to drink,  it did however become enough of a reminder that I did not indulge my desire.  

When we are new on our path, magic or recovery we start out excited, there is so much to learn, and we dive in trying to take it all in all at once.  That can not be done.  With both it is, if you are truly dedicated to your path, a work in progress at all times.  They say in the rooms that we did not become addicted in a day, we will not recover in a day.  Same holds true with magic, there is no way one can learn all there is to learn it will be a life time of learning.  What we should focus on, I should say I, is the gratitude we feel for what I am able to learn.  Magic will not take this disease away.  Magic can assist in helping me to overcome obstacle that will occur.  The love for the Goddess, and of nature will be my reminders of what I am working so hard to overcome. For that I am grateful.  Everyone is going to have those times in life where they are not so grateful, or have a hard time finding it, I think that's normal.  What is not normal is "staying stuck" when we have all our needs being met. As witch's we should not become complacent about our path, in knowing it's always there at our finger tips, as a recovering alcoholic complacency can cause a relapse of which there may be no return.  Show an attitude of gratitude even on the darkest days just by saying Thank Goddess, I am alive, thank  Goddess she is holding us even in our illness's no matter what they might be,  Thank Goddess even for the setbacks, and dark area's because with out them, we would not know what real light is.  With love and light always, Blessed Be. 


  1. Lovely =) I do so look forward to your posts, you're doing great <3

  2. You are always a breath of fresh air with how strong you are and how honest you are. Truly an inspiration to others sweetie. Big Hugs