Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magical Jewelry Workshop

Okay some of you may know that I am involved with a local coven, it's a real cool place to hang out with people of like minds, to grow, and share.  It feels to me more like going to a best friends house, or a family home,, like a hippie compound with out the drugs,, lol :)  

Im doing this blog mostly for my friends White Hat Society to many pictures, and to many words to use in threads there,, when we first got there of course there was a lot of gabbing, we have'nt seen each other since Imbolic,, and I know Im not the only one who can say that friendships and feelings can be touched on when in environments like this. 

So when it was time for the workshop Ron, who was in charge, (nervous) of course brought us all into the den where we sort of sat where ever we wanted, he had the room lit only by candle lite and asked us to clear our minds and just relax, calm happy thoughts of what ever settles our nerves.  So then he proceeds to bring out the jewelry. The way he did it was so cool because each link or cord he handed us had some representation of our life, and before he gave it each link to us he asked us to think about our live's the good the bad, whatever came into mind, just concentrate on our live's then asked to pick out of a bucket the link, 

like this
1. Personal life energy bead combination
Next we where asked to concentrate on the things we liked in plants, or trees,, 
2 Plant/wood beads
then it was animals,, any animal, like what ever fish birds, ect
3 shell/bone beads
next we where asked to think about the beauty of the world in terms of gems, and imagine the colors 
4 stone/gem beads mineral world
then we where asked to think about all the people we knew the good ones, and the bad ones, not to focus on anything of evil but of love and forgiveness, looking for closure, or anything to case the relationships. 
5Glass/metal/plastic/beads the human world
next we where to think about the changes in our lives, and how they all connected, each of us given a  wrapped piece  (our surprise) earlier, to open now
6 Web charm link, the web of life
Next we where asked to think about the Goddess, and God, the opposites in everything nature, animal human,, all of it
7 a gold and silver chain link 
then we where asked to take deep breaths go back to our "happy place"  and imagine the best spa treatment, or whatever it is that you use to think of as a cleansing "I like water falls" my happy place is usually in a rain forest surrounded by birds, and animals of all kinds,, rocks and cliffs, and waterfalls,, (another blog) :)
8Bloodstone/hemetite/goldstone good for whole body cleansing energy and healing.
then we where asked to focus, center and ground, usually a good sign, your leaving your "happy place" 
9snowflake obsidain/dalmation jasper/heatite,, yin yang, balance and grouding
at this point we where asked to concentrate wholly on our  inner colors,, our aura, and chakra's 
9-Gray agate/kyanite for body energy, centers and holes in the aura
10 Chakra gemstone charm. a gemstone for each of the seven major body energy centers

At this point he said have fun putting them together talk listen to music and that if we needed his help or wanted anything you know how that goes,, so we each took a turn picking on him,, lol 

Ron also makes his own incense, and oils, and had the pieces wrapped in scented tissue, No Beth is not blowing her nose,, lol,, the stuff was awesome Im saving mine for my alter,, we got to bring home incense as well for blessing our necklace.

It was a great time.  Kat was sick and missed out, which sucks, but everyone seemed to have so much fun, we learned alot, (I like learning) we had a great  time together being our goofy fun loving selves, :) <3


  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all! Such warmth from your coven brothers and sisters too. I must admit to being jealous...I've never been to anything wonderful like this!
    I love the final product too!

    1. Oh my then you must come visit,, lol we would love to have you. has an open door policy, they wont toss anyone to the curb. I love my web of life necklace, and am wearing now. If you are crafty, you can make one of your own as well. The next workshop is going to be on runes, and that one Im excited about also, I use tarot, and have never even researched runes,, thanks for your comment. and Blessed Be )0( hugs back at you sister <3